Welcome to De Thomas

De Thomas has always been a place for reflection, spirituality and personal growth. Many people are attracted to the old biblical stories and how they reflect on life today. In this regard, culture, music and reflection has always been the Thomas church’s strength.

With its project ‘De Thomas, a place to reflect on life’, the Thomas church community aims to offer a programme designed to meet the needs of today’s society and of the church’s neighbours in particular. This makes De Thomas a home away from home for everyone in the Amsterdam Zuid-Zuidas area who is looking for a quiet place to reflect on life. While the programme is in Dutch, we do speak English and welcome you to come in and join us.

In De Thomas, there is room for all kinds types of reflection, such as lively social debates, music, literature and the weekly Sunday service. With this attractive programme, De Thomas offers a place for inspiration, reflection, interaction and silence. This makes De Thomas a home away from home to reflect on life.

De Thomas is a community of active members, volunteers and all those interested in taking part. De Thomas has a broad organization with volunteers and a board, with several executive committees. You are welcome to come in and join De Thomas.