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Impact Cafe / From shareholder to stakeholder

Dit evenement is in het Engels

How can companies change their businessmodel to better serve society, taking into account not only business interests but also social and environmental factors? How, in other words, can companies evolve from a business model focused on the interests of shareholders, to a model focused on a broader set of stakeholders? How can you collaborate effectively with different partners?  

Jaap Winter, professor of Corporate Law, Governance and Behaviour at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and partner at Phyleon specialized in corporate leadership & governance, will share his insights. His keynote is followed by a panel discussion with Irene Flotman (managing director CBRE), Nicolette Loonen (Partner TOSCA), Sjoerd Kamerbeek (managing Partner Van Doorne) and Jeroen Jansen (partner Deloitte).

This event is hosted by De Thomas and Green Business Club Zuidas. You can register through the following link here!


16 apr 2024